Real Estate

Belle Negotiations - Real Estate Negotiation
Belle Negotiations - Real Estate Negotiation


Thinking of purchasing a property. Before approaching a real estate agent contact Belle Negotiations now.

We save you time and money. You will have a hardened negotiator on your side when making the biggest purchase of your life.

We take the stress and emotion out of the negotiation and buying process.

As a fully licensed real estate agent, Erica will ensure you get the best possible price based on the properties true Market value and not an overinflated price.

Belle Negotiations does not charge you any up front "engagement fee" as is the case with many buyer advocates.

Vehicle Purchase

Belle Negotiations - Vehicle Negotiation
Belle Negotiations - Vehicle Negotiation

Looking for the best price on a new or used vehicle.

Let my negotiation skills do the talking for you.

Household Goods

Belle Negotiations - Asset Negotiation
Belle Negotiations - Asset Negotiation

Household Appliances, Televisions, Furniture

Knowing where to shop, and who to talk to could save you hundreds of dollars and get you way more than you thought possible.



Belle Negotiations

Belle Negotiations Pty Ltd was formed in 2015

A passion for negotiation, compassion for clients and intense focus on detail will ensure you get the best possible deal.